What is Social Media

Understanding How Social Media Networking Works

Social MediaSocial media platforms are now being used by people of all ages from all over the world. While it was initially thought to be a passing fad, social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter now seem to be here to stay.

Social media platforms allow users to scan through information as well as interact with the information presented. For example, being able to “Like” someone’s photo on Facebook or comment on a Tweet on Twitter is interactive.

A Few FAQs About Social Media:

What’s the difference between social media and social news?

Social news websites are a type social media. This does not mean that all social media refers to social news websites though. There are many different other types of websites that fall under the social media category.

What is a social media website?

A social media website is any website that presents information to a visitor and also allows that visitor to interact with the information. There are many different websites that can be considered examples of social media.

This is a list of a few particularly popular examples of social media websites:

Bookmarking: Social bookmarking websites allow users to bookmark certain websites and share these bookmarks selections via the website. They can then also browse through other member’s bookmarked websites. Examples of social bookmarking websites include Del.icio.us and Simpy.

News: Social news websites allow visitors to read articles and comment on or vote for them as well. Examples of these social news websites include Reddit and Digg.

Networking: Social networking websites are probably the most popular form of social media websites. Users can invite friends, link to each other’s profiles and enjoy discussions via these social media networking sites. Examples include Facebook and Twitter.

Photo/Video sharing: This type of social media website allows users to share videos and pictures as well as comment on videos and pictures submitted by others.

Wikis: Wiki websites are social media websites that allow users to add to their existing database of information articles.

Most websites these days are social media websites. Any website that allows users to interact with it is a social media website.